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Oberon - Local Goat Phoenix Consumes DPS for Health

Status: Meta

Build type: Warframe

Rating: 4/5

Designed for: Defection, Defense, Survival, Mobile Defense

Defection\sDefense\sSurvival\sMobile Defense

Effective against: Corpus, Corrupted, Grineer, Infested

Corpus, Corrupted, Grineer, Infested

Level: Medium, High, Endless

Medium, High, Endless


Ever want to become stronger from the damage you take? Ever want to support your allies with 98 hp/s and 490 armor and live forever? Well this is the build for you.

Build requirements

On Oberon Prime, this build requires 4 forma, such that you end up with 4 Madurai (V), 2 Vazarin (D), and 1 Naramon (-) polarities, and either a Madurai (V), or aura forma-ed aura slot. This build utilizes

ArcaneGuardian.png Arcane Guardian

Arcane Guardian
20% chance for +600 Armor for 20s
Criteria: On Damaged


ArcaneGrace.png Arcane Grace

Arcane Grace
6% chance for +4% Health Regeneration Per Second for 6s
Criteria: On Damaged

for extra Health and Armor when damaged, however they are not essential, and only offer extra survivability. To ensure that Hunter Adrenaline kicks in early, a decaying dragon key can be used to remove most of Oberon's shields, allowing for nearly all incoming damage to be turned into energy.



Oberon Prime
Oberon Prime is the Primed variant of Oberon, possessing higher armor and energy capacity.
Armor: 225
Health: 375
Energy: 262
Shield: 300

Modded stats
Armor 225
Energy 743
Health 375
Shield 300
Sprint Speed 1.00
Duration 127.5%
Efficency 100%
Range 100%
Strength 170% (245% with buffs)

Warframe Mods



Madurai.png GrowingPowerMod5.png

Growing Power
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare



Power Drift
Polarity: Zenurik
Rarity: Rare


Madurai.png TransientFortitudeMod10.png

Transient Fortitude
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare


Vazarin.png QuickThinkingMod5.png

Quick Thinking
Polarity: Vazarin
Rarity: Rare


Vazarin.png AdaptationMod10.png

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Naramon.png PrimedFlowMod10.png

Primed Flow
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Legendary


Madurai.png EnergyConversionMod5.png

Energy Conversion
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare


Madurai.png PrimedContinuityMod10.png

Primed Continuity
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Legendary


Madurai.png HunterAdrenalineMod5.png

Hunter Adrenaline
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Common



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Arcane Guardian
20% chance for +600 Armor for 20s
Criteria: On Damaged


Arcane Grace
6% chance for +4% Health Regeneration Per Second for 6s
Criteria: On Damaged


This build thrives off of the interaction between Rage/Hunter Adrenaline (both mods convert incoming damage to health into energy) and

Renewal.png Renewal

Healing waves of energy flow outward from Oberon to his allies, regenerating health over time.
Cost: 25
Warframe: Oberon

(which can offer large amounts of health over time). By taking damage to health, Oberon gains energy, and that health is then regenerated by Renewal, using the energy that was just gained.

Adaptation is used to reduce incoming damage to an amount which can be regenerated, and Quick Thinking is used to give a short "buffer" for Oberon's health, in case the first burst of incoming damage would exceed Oberon's maximum HP pool. Phoenix Renewal's usage is largely for the rest of the team, and doesn't do much for Oberon, as it is activated before Quick Thinking is.


The majority of this build is based entirely on Renewal and Rage/Hunter Adrenaline, and as such most everything else can be changed. Other suggested variations include swapping Phoenix Renewal for Intensify. This build is a slight variation on StallordD's build, seen in his video "Goat God Ascension," modified to increase team-play, particularly in Arbitrations.


Anything that drains energy causes issues for this build, as it removes the main pool of Oberon's EHP. Energy Leach Eximi and Disruption Ancients are the largest examples of this, but special mention goes to any Nekros which uses

ShadowsOfTheDead.png Shadows Of The Dead

Shadows Of The Dead
Summons shadow versions of vanquished enemies to fight alongside you for a short period of time.
Cost: 100
Warframe: Nekros

. These shadows absolutely destroy the energy economy of Renewal, as they constantly decay health, meaning that if they are under Renewal's effect, they will count as a damaged teammate. Currently, the only solution to this is to avoid letting these shadows fall under Renewal's area of effect. As for energy sapping enemies, the spiteful might find it useful to bring a large single-target weapon, such as an Opticor to remove these annoyances.

Another special mention goes to Nullifiers, which have a unique interaction with Renewal. Instead of completely dispelling the ability, the Nullifier will instead make any ally which enters the bubble immune to Renewal until it is recast. As such, damaged allies will not drain extra energy, however, this effect also applies to Oberon. If an Oberon enters a Nullifier bubble, they will be immune to their own Renewal, canceling all effects thereof, while still affecting allies and draining energy. As such, a high fire rate secondary weapon is recommended to remove nullifiers with extreme predudice.

Build rating - 4 stars

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1 Ratings
4 stars
--C--Teemo gave this build 4 stars July 2019

Good build, simple to read and simple to understand. Only problem that it is missing polarity order and some weakness mentioned in the TennoBattle discord.