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Rhino - General

Status: Meta

Build type: Warframe

Rating: 3.7/5

Designed for: Defection, Defense, Excavation, Interception, Survival, Infested Salvage, PoE Bounties, PoE Night Cycle, Fortuna Bounties, Resources, Assassination, Sabotage‎

Defection\sDefense\sExcavation\sInterception\sSurvival\sInfested Salvage\sPoE Bounties\sPoE Night Cycle\sFortuna Bounties\sResources\sAssassination\sSabotage

Effective against: Grineer, Infested, Corpus

Grineer, Infested, Corpus

Level: Low, Medium, High, Endless

Low, Medium, High, Endless


This Rhino build can thrive in any level of content, including virtually every mission type. Its centered around Rhino's augments ironclad charge and iron shrapnel, which allow Rhino to activate the

IronSkin.png IronSkin

Iron Skin
Rhino hardens his skin, insulating himself from all damage.
Cost: 50
Warframe: Rhino

ability with health in the hundred thousands, then weaponize it if need be and activate it again. This build works well with any weapon set. Works wonderfully with any companion. The more enemies, the better.



Rhino is a heavily armored Warframe with the strength and fortitude of his reckless, stampeding namesake. Rhino trades speed for power and is designed to fill the tank role in a cell.
Armor: 190
Health: 300
Energy: 150
Shield: 450

Modded stats
Armor 577
Energy 425
Health 740
Shield 450
Sprint Speed 1.00
Duration 73%
Efficency 45%
Range 100%
Strength 301%

Warframe Mods




Growing Power
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare



Speed Drift
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare



Blind Rage
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare



Ironclad Charge
Polarity: Zenurik
Rarity: Rare



Iron Shrapnel
Polarity: Zenurik
Rarity: Rare



Umbral Fiber
Polarity: Umbra
Rarity: Legendary



Umbral Intensify
Polarity: Umbra
Rarity: Legendary



Primed Flow
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Legendary



Transient Fortitude
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare



Augur Secrets
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Rare


Arcane Grace
6% chance for +4% Health Regeneration Per Second for 6s
Criteria: On Damaged


Arcane Guardian
20% chance for +600 Armor for 20s
Criteria: On Damaged


When the mission begins, find a group of enemies, preferably 3 or more and use the ability

RhinoCharge.png RhinoCharge

Rhino Charge
Rhino charges towards a target, clobbering any in his path and goring his victim.
Cost: 25
Warframe: Rhino

. The augment Ironclad Charge increases rhinos armor by 50% per enemy for 10s at base. This is effected by duration and power strength. With this build's strength, that's an increase of 167 armor per enemy. With negative duration of 73, that makes this effect last roughly 7 seconds. Iron skin is effected by rhino's power strength as well as rhino's armor count. So, begin a mission... First group of enemies encountered, charge them and activate iron skin while the armor bonus is active. Iron skin will gain tremendously more health that it would otherwise. Once the skin health is below 25%, look for another group of enemies.. or if the player is surrounded, use ability charge, reactivate iron skin which with iron shrapnel allows rhino to weaponize iron skin as puncture damage... Killing or damaging enemies in range. Then reactivate iron skin before the armor bonus runs out. Rinse and repeat. This effectively allows Rhino's iron skin to hold up to any level of enemy, any situation, any match, and in any scenario.


Instead of Transient Fortitude, which decreases duration, the player can instead use energy conversion, which gives a 50% power strength bonus when Rhino picks up an energy orb. This doesn't stack. One orb, 50% power strength on the next ability. Once the ability is used, this power strength bonus stays as long as the ability is active, after which rhino can pick up another energy orb for another 50% power strength bonus once the ability is used again. This is a bit niche, and may not work as well in endless runs but it's an option.


Nullifiers can instantly dispel the Iron Skin ability. So avoid them. If the player does get nullified, charge a group of enemies and recast iron skin as soon as possible.

Build rating - 4 stars

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3 Ratings
3 stars
Spaceman spiff gave this build 3 stars June 2019

The arcane choice is questionable, since on-damaged arcanes can't be triggered while ironskin is active. They can be triggered during the 3 second damage absorption phase of ironskin, but otherwise both guardian and grace are rather useless. Guardian can be used to boost skin health, but it requires you get the proc before you cast ironskin (meaning you're vulnerable to damage, or casting skin numerous times trying to play the 3 second absorb window). For a daily driver, you're gonna want Energize or possibly even double Energize in order to actually cast your skills more than once in a blue moon. Speed drift is a weird choice for Rhino, since he doesn't cast very often, and it's a negligible effect for most of his skills, Power Drift, Rush, Cunning Drift, or one of the many utility mods would be a better choice. The modded stats have an error. You will have 300 health with this build. It is a risky build to use with link-modded companions unless you can consistently keep ironclad charge active (rather energy intensive and inconsistent).

3 stars
Pride gave this build 3 stars June 2019

Well its certainly a well scaling build but its not very helpful in a team thus several of its tags especially "resources" are a blatant lie.

5 stars
Bigeviljak gave this build 5 stars January 2019

This build can scale infinitely.