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Trinity - Umbral Tridolons Support

Status: Meta

Build type: Warframe

Rating: 0/5

Designed for: PoE Bounties, PoE Night Cycle, Mastery, Focus

PoE Bounties\sPoE Night Cycle\sMastery\sFocus

Effective against: Sentient


Level: Medium, High

Medium, High


This build will focus on Trinity's

Blessing.png Blessing

Restore the health and shields of allies within Trinitys Affinity aura while giving them some damage immunity.
Cost: 100
Warframe: Trinity

and her strategy to do 5-6 Tridolon sets in one night cycle.

Build requirements

This build is very expensive, not only all mods has to be maxed but it is required for you to complete The Sacrifice Quest for Umbral mods, doing Arbitration for Adaptation, Forma Trinity 4 times and

ArcaneEnergize.png Arcane Energize

Arcane Energize
40% chance to replenish 100 energy in a 10m radius for you and your allies.
Criteria: On Energy Orb Pickup

to keep her energy more consistent. For Operator, it's required to have

MagusLockdown.png Magus Lockdown

Magus Lockdown
Drop a Tether Mine at destination that tethers up to 8 enemies within 12m. The tether mine explodes dealing 60% of their Health as Puncture Damage after 4s.
Criteria: On Void Dash

and one more Magus Arcane that you like. For Operator Amp,

VirtuosShadow.png Virtuos Shadow

No rows found in database, please check that you entered the correct arcane name

to buff Crit Chance so the AMP can crit. Also, it is required that you use this build with a Tridolon group.



Trinity Prime
Trinity Prime is the Primed variant of Trinity, possessing a higher shield capacity and sprint speed.
Armor: 15
Health: 300
Energy: 225
Shield: 450

Modded stats
Armor 15
Energy 637.5
Health 850
Shield 450
Sprint Speed 1.10
Duration 278%
Efficency 130%
Range 34%
Strength 155%

Warframe Mods



Naramon.png CorrosiveProjectionMod5.png

Corrosive Projection
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Uncommon


Naramon.png CoactionDriftMod3.png

Coaction Drift
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Rare



Umbral Intensify
Polarity: Umbra
Rarity: Legendary



Umbral Vitality
Polarity: Umbra
Rarity: Legendary


Vazarin.png AdaptationMod10.png

No rows found in database, please check that you entered the correct name


Naramon.png PrimedFlowMod10.png

Primed Flow
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Legendary


Naramon.png StreamlineMod5.png

Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Rare


Madurai.png PrimedContinuityMod10.png

Primed Continuity
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Legendary


Vazarin.png NarrowMindedMod10.png

Narrow Minded
Polarity: Vazarin
Rarity: Rare


Naramon.png AugurMessageMod5.png

Augur Message
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Common


Arcane Energize
40% chance to replenish 100 energy in a 10m radius for you and your allies.
Criteria: On Energy Orb Pickup


Arcane Momentum
40% Chance to increase the Reload Speed on Sniper Type weapons by 100% for 8 sec
Criteria: On Critical Hit

Focus : Madurai

Rubico Prime


Rubico Prime
The Rubico Prime is the Primed variant of the revolver-style Rubico Sniper Rifle, boasting higher damage, critical chance, status chance, fire rate, and reload speed, but with a reduction in zoom.
Category: Primary
Type: Sniper Rifle
Damage: 187
DPS: 0
Accuracy: 13

Modded stats
Accuracy 13.3
Critical Chance 137.9%
Critical Multiplier 9.3x
Fire Rate 6.97
Magazine 5
Reload 1.4
Status 28.2%
Impact 709.8
Puncture 133.1
Slash 44.4
Radiation 1.597

This is the standard weapon for tridolons. This is recommended to new players that is starting / praticing the tridolon. Radiation is recommended use for 75%+ fraction damage to the Eidolon. But no sniper combo is required to shoot down the lure.

Rubico Prime Mods



Madurai.png VitalSenseMod5.png

Vital Sense
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare


Madurai.png SplitChamberMod5.png

Split Chamber
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare


Madurai.png PointStrikeMod5.png

Point Strike
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Common


Naramon.png HellfireMod5.png

Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Uncommon



Naramon.png StormbringerMod5.png

Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Uncommon


Naramon.png VileAccelerationMod5.png

Vile Acceleration
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Rare


Madurai.png SerrationMod5.png

Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Uncommon


Madurai.png RivenMod.png

No rows found in database, please check that you entered the correct name

Riven Mod -> Rubico-Feva Croatis ( Polarity : - )

(+90% Critical Damage +38.1% Reload Speed +11.3% Critical Chance -57.3% Status Duration)

Riven Stats Recommendations:

This weapon beneficial to these status,specifically on this Tridolon meta build :

Positive :

Crit Chance, Crit Damage,Multishot( required ), Electricity, Reload Speed, Fire-rate

Negative :

Status Duration, Status Chance, + Recoil, Damage to a faction ( Corpus,Infested are recommended ), Zoom


At the start of the set run, wait until the DPS to get a lure then void dash straight to the " log " ( small pond in front of Cetus gate ). Then use your Itzal Archwing to dash to the eidolon, dash in front of the head before the shield of the eidolon appear to proc

VirtuosShadow.png Virtuos Shadow

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, walk down to Volt shield, wait until the shield bar ( purple ) appear and start to shoot the eidolon. If you do 5-6 sets then the first run you will have to be in Void mode to charge Void Strike buff and when you shoot on the first Teralyst then it will just need 1-2 shots to destroy the Eidolon shield, else-wise keep shooting till the Eidolon shield is down. After destroying the shield, go to Itzal Archwing and dash to any Grinner camp to get 2 lures then bring back to the eidolon, set it to stationary ( you can confirm it if the lure have Follow notification from the lure ) then go to 1 small Grinner camp to get 1 lure then go to 2 big Grinner camps to get 2 lures, the total you will have is 5 lures and combining 3 lures you had set up for DPS then it is enough for the entire set run. After getting 5 lures, go back to the Teralyst and shooting any vombalyst IF 3 DPS lures are charged ( else stay away till the 3 lures are charged while blessing for the team and using long range AMP to destroy any vombalyst ) to charge up 5 lures you have. If you don't see any vombalyst anymore then go to the shrine in the middle of the PoE Big Lake. Insert the shard to spawn Gantulyst or Hydrolyst, either use your Itzal or Operator to go to certain are that the Eidolon is spawned on then destroy the shield. ( Note 1 : Walk back to force your lure to teleport to your location ). Then stay in Void mode when the Eidolon is down and dash to the head to proc

VirtuosShadow.png Virtuos Shadow

No rows found in database, please check that you entered the correct arcane name

and when the eidolon is completed standing up, shoot him down. ( Note 2 : During the run, remember to bless so your lure won't be destroyed or your teammate die ). Repeat this process till you destroy Gantulyst or Hydrolyst. After destroying the Hydrolyst then use your Itzal Archwing and go straight to Cetus Gate Frontyard. Then go to Operator mode and get the reward with it. ( Note 3: Do not get the reward with Itzal Archwing else the next run, DPS when hunting for vombalyst to charge up the first lure then it will spawn 2 vombalysts instead of 3 ). After getting the reward, Void Dash to the gate and then load back to PoE and restart the strategy.


Trinity Prime

To have less expensive forma to be used, you can replace Umbral Vitality with Vitality and Umbral Intensify with Intensify


Rubico Prime

Because you only need to shoot the lure if you do 5-6 sets of tridolon then a Riven is not required, you can replace reload speed mods or (Primed) Cryo Rounds for it.


Instead of using Rubico Prime, you can use any Kitgun or strong weapon that can 1 hit the lure for this build.


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