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Trinity Prime - Umbral Abating Link

Status: Meta

Build type: Warframe

Rating: 4/5

Designed for: Defection, Defense, Excavation, Interception, Infested Salvage, Survival, Sanctuary Onslaught, Assassination, Arena, Capture, Exterminate, Hijack, Mobile Defense, Rescue, Sabotage, PoE Bounties, PoE Night Cycle, Fortuna Bounties, Resources

Defection\sDefense\sExcavation\sInterception\sInfested Salvage\sSurvival\sSanctuary Onslaught\sAssassination\sArena\sCapture\sExterminate\sHijack\sMobile Defense\sRescue\sSabotage\sPoE Bounties\sPoE Night Cycle\sFortuna Bounties\sResources

Effective against: Corpus, Corrupted, Grineer, Infested, Sentient

Corpus, Corrupted, Grineer, Infested, Sentient

Level: Low, Medium, High, Endless

Low, Medium, High, Endless


A powerful support/tank build.

Build requirements

This is a 6 forma build that uses 2 maxed umbral mods.



Trinity Prime
Trinity Prime is the Primed variant of Trinity, possessing a higher shield capacity and sprint speed.
Armor: 15
Health: 300
Energy: 225
Shield: 450

Modded stats
Armor 15
Energy 638
Health 850
Shield 450
Sprint Speed 1.1
Duration 179%
Efficency 60%
Range 160%
Strength 227%

Warframe Mods




Enemy Radar
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Uncommon



Cunning Drift
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare



Augur Message
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Common



Primed Continuity
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Legendary



Blind Rage
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare



Umbral Intensify
Polarity: Umbra
Rarity: Legendary



Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Uncommon



Primed Flow
Polarity: Naramon
Rarity: Legendary



Abating Link
Polarity: Zenurik
Rarity: Rare



Umbral Vitality
Polarity: Umbra
Rarity: Legendary


Arcane Guardian
20% chance for +600 Armor for 20s
Criteria: On Damaged


Arcane Grace
6% chance for +4% Health Regeneration Per Second for 6s
Criteria: On Damaged


This build can fit into absolutely any high-level squad and does phenomenally well in solo play. It can competently do everything that EV and Bless builds can do all at once. The only thing this build does not do is dedicated DPS via Energy Vampire (EV). In general, you will maintain Link and Blessing at all times while casting EV on any enemy that can be killed quickly. This level of power strength allows abating link to strip 100% of enemy armor while also making EV provide a considerable amount of energy per pulse. It is highly recommended to bring a heavy hitting weapon that can kill your EV target quickly since doing so will provide all of EV's energy all at once. A 100% status chance, rad/viral Tigris Prime is one example of a weapon that will excel at this, but your teammates should be able to help.


Change your aura and augment according to your squad's setup. If 4x Corrosive Projection is being used, or you're fighting an armorless faction, you can change Abating Link to Vampire Leech, providing even more effective health for your squad.

Arcane selection is totally a matter of preference. A single Arcane Guardian provides 50% damage reduction on top of your combined 94% mitigation from Bless and Link, and serves as a decent all-around survivability boon. For any Eidolons or Orbs, you'll want to use Arcane Nullifier to protect against magnetic procs. For lower level content, where you can stand to spare some mitigation, you can use honestly anything.

If you happen to have Trinity's Arcane Aura Helmet (provides +25% duration, -5% max health), you can swap out Augur Message for any number of great mods including Adaptation for more tankiness, Hunter Adrenaline or Streamline for easier energy management, Natural Talent for faster casts (you cast a lot in this build), or any other QoL mod you might like.


There are no factions that counter this build, although the abating link augment is not necessary if a faction lacks armor.

Build rating - 4 stars

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1 Ratings
4 stars
Bigeviljak gave this build 4 stars July 2019

Nullifers can instantly dispel all your buffs if your caught in one so there is in fact a weakness, however this is a great build. This is Very similar to my abating link build.