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Zenistar - The King Of Endless Salvos

Status: Meta

Build type: Melee

Rating: 5/5

Designed for: Survival


Effective against: Corpus, Corrupted, Grineer, Infested, Sentient

Corpus, Corrupted, Grineer, Infested, Sentient

Level: High, Endless

High, Endless


This build will focus on Zenistar's disk damage to do endless runs.

Build requirements

It is required to have

ArcaneFury.png Arcane Fury

Arcane Fury
40% chance to increase 120% Melee Damage for 12 sec
Criteria: On Critical Hit

to buff 100% +Damage when you crit with this weapon or

ArcaneStrike.png Arcane Strike

Arcane Strike
10% Chance to increase the speed of melee attacks by 40% for 12 sec
Criteria: On Each Hit

to increase the attack speed and the speed of the damage tick when crit. It is also required to go with a frame that can buff a huge chunk of damage such as Banshee or Chroma or a warframe that can stay invisible consistently such as Ash, Loki or Octavia. It is also recommended to bring a weapon that can proc alot of status such as

Zarr.png Zarr

Unload a barrage of explosives or a huge shot of flak from this cannon’s enormous barrel.
Category: Primary
Type: Launcher
Damage: 25
DPS: 349
Accuracy: 100

( Zarr Build ),

Pox.png Pox

These festering sacs of pus and gas burst violently on impact.
Category: Secondary
Type: Thrown
Damage: 50
DPS: 208
Accuracy: 100

etc to add Condition Overload damage buff.




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Modded stats
Attack Speed 1.291
Channeling Cost 5
Channeling Dmg 1.5x
Critical Chance 5%
Critical Multiplier 2x
Leap Attack 2025.660
Spin Attack 2025.660
Status 70%
Wall Attack 2025.660
Impact 0
Puncture 0
Slash 0
Corrosive 434.070

Zenistar Mods



Vazarin.png CleavingWhirlwindMod3.png

Cleaving Whirlwind
Polarity: Vazarin
Rarity: Rare


Madurai.png PrimedPressurePointMod10.png

Primed Pressure Point
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Legendary


Madurai.png ConditionOverloadMod5.png

Condition Overload
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare


Madurai.png PrimedFuryMod10.png

Primed Fury
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Legendary


Madurai.png PrimedReachMod10.png

Primed Reach
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Legendary




No rows found in database, please check that you entered the correct name



Voltaic Strike
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare



Virulent Scourge
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare



Volcanic Edge
Polarity: Madurai
Rarity: Rare

Note :

  1. It is proven by the community that Condition Overload does work on the disk itself. ( Update 25.3 )
  2. Attack speed bonuses ( except Berseker ) will increase the speed of the damage tick.


One of the easiest weapons to use, simply aim down 45 degrees then use charge attack to spawn the disk. Make sure to make the disk stay airborne to keep the consistency of the headshot damage. Then use your Primary / Secondary weapon that can proc alot of status with Radiation and Viral and the enemy will die really quickly because of the huge damage buff from the Stealth Damage Buff or Warframe Ability Damage Buff and the 4-7 elemental damage bonuses that you get from Condition Overload.


Zenistar Mods

  1. Instead of using Heat, you can replace Volcanic Edge for Vicious Frost to make corrosive + blast damage.
  2. If you don't care about range, then replace Spring-Loaded Blade for Gladiator Vice or Spoiled Strike
  3. It is not required to bring Corrosive + Heat / Blast, you can use Radiation + Viral setup but the weapon that you bring with must be Corrosive + Heat / Blast ( or both ).
  4. There's a weird meme going on with Amalgam Organ Shatter, so if you like to dismount the disk faster then replace Spring Loaded-Blade for the mod .

Riven Recommended Status

  1. Required Status: +Range
  2. Recommended Status: +Damage, +Attack Speed, +Elemental Damage, +Status Chance, -Channeling Status, -Critical Chance When Sliding.


Be careful when you stay near Nullifiers, the weapon won't do much damage if you are out of invisibility or disabled during endless runs. Also, the weapon has weird damage ticks if you place the disk on the ground. The attack speed of the charge attack is pretty long so stay away from enemies that can one-shot you and make sure you are not be seen to dismount the disk safely. Make sure to use your warframe ability that can buff damage or make you be invisible, else the weapon won't do as much damage as expected.

Build rating - 5 stars

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1 Ratings
5 stars
Bigeviljak gave this build 5 stars July 2019

This is a great build, though i would use gas electric as toxic procs can stack upon themselves and gain bonus tick dmg when crit is applied... And another good frame for zenistar is hydroid.. when he enters his puddle form the zenistar instantly gains stealth modifiers.