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How to Farm Rhino


This guide will cover how to farm Rhino as well as the materials to craft him and his parts. It will also cover how a new player can get to farming and building Rhino as soon as possible to use throughout the Star Chart.


Rhino is a tank warframe with the ability to give himself a large armor pool on top of his Health and Shields, crowd control and a damage output buff. He is very useful while progressing through the Star Chart as a newer player as well as some of the higher-level content due to his tankiness.

How to get Rhino

You obtain Rhino by building him with a blueprint and parts. You can purchase the main blueprint from the Market for 35,000 Credits. The three warframe parts that his main blueprint requires are a chassis, neuroptics and systems. These are farmed from Jackal on Venus(Fossa).

Howtofarmrhino part blueprints.png

It is important to note that the part blueprints will require materials from multiple planets further up the line. This may take a bit longer for newer players to do as they may have not unlocked those planets yet and will not have had the chance to loot those materials.

If you have not yet unlocked Venus or the Fossa Assassination mission, you will have to progress through to Venus to fight Jackal. If this pertains to you, follow the steps below. If you have already opened up a few of the planets, you will just have to go back and run Fossa a few times till you have the three part blueprints. You will already have one of them as you will have had to fight Jackal to advance off Venus.

New Players follow these steps:

Step 1

Progress through the missions on Earth along the progress lines till you get to the Junction. Avoid Cetus (City Hub) and Plains of Eidolon (Open World) as they are not traditional missions but rather newer content that will take up a lot of time. While you are doing the missions, pay attention to the Junction Unlock requirements below in Step 2 (or by hovering over the Junction in the Star Chart ingame) and try to complete them while doing the missions leading up to the Junction for efficiency. If you are not finished some of the requirements, do some of the other missions on Earth as they will need to be completed at least once for a few reasons further down the line in your journey.

Step 2

  • Unlock the Venus Junction.
  • Complete Quest: Vor’s Prize
  • Collect 20 Mods
  • Apply 4 Mods to a single warframe or weapon
  • Level any mod to Rank 2 or higher

Step 3

Do the Venus Junction mission. You will have to fight a Level 5 Rhino specter to open the Junction. He should be relatively simple to fight. Once defeated, you will have to activate the “gate” in front of the enormous window behind where the Rhino specter was kneeling before you engaged him.

Step 4

Now that you have Venus unlocked, you will have to work your way through the planets missions until you unlock Fossa. This is an Assassination mission where you will have to fight the Jackal and farm it. You may want to check up on the next Junction’s requirements and do a few more missions on Venus rather than just rushing through to Fossa, this will help in the long run.

Step 5 (After farming)

You will now have to progress through to Mercury, Mars and Phobos to gather the materials required for the full build. The Star Chart is very important to complete either way, so this shouldn't feel like a mission to go through to get Rhino.

Note: One of the materials does not come from any of these planets, but you can gain access to a mission that will allow you to get it by having Mars unlocked.

Howtofarmrhino jackal.png

(Click the image to view a full-sized version)

How to Defeat the Jackal


Impact weapons work well against Shields, so going into this mission with high Impact will help. If you are able to focus on a damage type for your weapons, Radiation (Heat + Electricity) excels at dealing higher damage to Jackal and it’s parts once it’s shield HP is gone. Newer players may not have this option yet. Below you will find a list of weapons that will work well for lower MR players as well as a few other options for higher MR players. Many weapons will work the more mods you can add to them. These will just help that little bit more if you aren't able to fully mod a weapon.

Weapons with innate Radiation Damage

Mutalist Quanta
MutalistQuanta.png Mutalist Quanta

Mutalist Quanta
A bizarre union of Corpus technology and Infested biology, this automatic rifle can also deploy an irradiated airborne infested mass. Further field testing is required to fully understand the potential of this weapon.
Category: Primary
Type: Rifle
Damage: 25
DPS: 169
Accuracy: 100

(MR2 Primary) - Bio Lab (Clan Dojo)

Arca Plasmor
ArcaPlasmor.png Arca Plasmor

Arca Plasmor
Stagger targets with blasts from this Corpus engineered plasma shotgun. Surviving enemies are consumed with radiation.
Category: Primary
Type: Shotgun
Damage: 600
DPS: 571
Accuracy: 17

(MR10 Primary) - Energy Lab (Clan Dojo)

Nukor.png Nukor

The Nukor is a Grineer sidearm that fires a microwave-like frequency beam that inflicts Radiation damage.
Category: Secondary
Type: Pistol
Damage: 22
DPS: 0
Accuracy: 100

(MR4 Secondary) - Chem Lab (Clan Dojo)

Ether Sword
EtherSword.png Ether Sword

Ether Sword
A single blade for more precision. The Ether Sword cuts so cleanly that it was considered by the Tenno to be a more humane weapon for ‘cleansing’ infested allies.
Category: Melee
Type: Sword
Damage: 37
DPS: 38
Accuracy: 100

(MR0 Melee) - Blueprint bought from the Market

Dark Split Sword
DarkSplitSword.png Dark Split Sword

No rows found in database

(MR5 Melee) - Tenno Lab (Clan Dojo)

Dark Dagger
DarkDagger.png Dark Dagger

Dark Dagger
This short blade weapon forged using dark metals has limited range but comes out fast.
Category: Melee
Type: Dagger
Damage: 35
DPS: 33
Accuracy: 100

(MR0 Melee) - Nightwave Offering

Dark Sword
DarkSword.png Dark Sword

Dark Sword
A blade forged using dark metals, capable of delivering innate <DT_RADIATION>Radiation Damage with attacks.
Category: Melee
Type: Sword
Damage: 37
DPS: 32
Accuracy: 100

(MR0 Melee) - Nightwave Offering

Other Viable Weapons

Braton.png Braton

No rows found in database

(MR0 Primary) - Bought for Credits from the Market

Boar.png Boar

A shotgun with low accuracy and strong recoil, but able to deliver its payload in full-auto. The Boar is best used at close range.
Category: Primary
Type: Shotgun
Damage: 176
DPS: 493
Accuracy: 10

(MR2 Primary) - Blueprint dropped by Drekar Trooper (Grineer)

Soma.png Soma

Accuracy coupled with a massive clip makes the Soma assault rifle a formidable weapon.
Category: Primary
Type: Rifle
Damage: 12
DPS: 59
Accuracy: 50

(MR6 Primary) - Blueprint bought from the Market

Rubico.png Rubico

The Rubico is a revolver-styled Tenno Sniper Rifle.It currently boasts the highest critical multiplier of all available sniper rifles at the expense of status chance.
Category: Primary
Type: Sniper Rifle
Damage: 180
DPS: 300
Accuracy: 13

(MR6 Primary) - Blueprint bought from the Market


Head through the tileset, following the objective marker until you reach a room where the Jackal is standing in the middle. It is a large four legged robot similar to a jackal. All party members must be near Jackal to start the encounter.

Jackal’s body is invulnerable while it is standing. Damaging one of its legs and reducing it’s HP to 0 will cause Jackal to drop to the ground. Once on the ground, Jackal’s body is no longer invulnerable and will receive damage. This downed phase is both timed and has a damage tolerance, so it will stand up again after a few seconds or after receiving a certain amount of damage. This repeats until Jackal dies. It may take between 2 and 5 downed phases, depending on your group damage output.

Below is a simplified video of the fight without the damage mechanics to avoid. If you are a new player, the damage abilities the Jackal has are listed below and may help in dealing with them.

Jackal has a few abilities and a spawn mechanic

Automatic Guns

Jackal constantly shoots at players in front of it with its two Automatic Guns for minimal damage.

Grenade Cluster

These are fired at a 100degree angle in front of Jackal for about 10 meters. These grenades are sticky and will either stick to the ground where they land or onto a player. They detonate soon after landing and deal moderate damage. Avoid Jackal’s front to avoid being hit by this attack.

Rippling Shockwave

A shockwave Jackal casts and flows outwards in a growing circle, reaching the pillars (Roughly 10 meters). Avoiding the shockwave is as simple as jumping over it or hiding behind a pillar. If you are hit, you will be knocked down.

Howtofarmrhino jackal shockwave.png

(Click the image to view a full-sized version)

Missile Barrage

Jackal will periodically fire off a barrage of missiles that follow multiple players, sometimes knocking them down if hit. You can hide behind the pillars to avoid these missiles, as they do fly pretty slowly towards you.

Howtofarmrhino jackal missiles.png

(Click the image to view a full-sized version)

Jackal will also periodically spawn Corpus Mine Ospreys who will drop little orange/yellow mines onto the floor near players. If the fight drags on, someone should focus on these to minimize damage onto the players as well as keeping the floor clear for movement.

Once the fight is over, you will head to extraction and only receive the blueprint in the end of mission loot screen. Jackal or Fossa has no other drops apart from the three Rhino part’s blueprints.

Drop Rates
Rhino Neuroptics Blueprint - 38.72%
Rhino Chassis Blueprint - 38.72%
Rhino Systems Blueprint - 22.56%

Once you have farmed all three part blueprints and purchased the main blueprint for Rhino off the Market, you will have to craft the parts and then the warframe itself. The parts will require materials from multiple planets and will take 12 hours to build. The warframe will then require the three built parts (Rhino Chassis, Rhino Neuroptics and Rhino Systems) and 1x Gallium to build. It will take 3 days to build Rhino. The full build will cost 105,000 Credits altogether.

Rhino Build Parts and Materials

Howtofarmrhino blueprints and materials.png

Material drop locations
Gallium - Mars and Uranus (Most commonly from the “boss” or Assassination mission)
Morphics - Mercury, Mars, Europa and Pluto
Ferrite - Earth, Mercury and Neptune
Rubedo - Earth, Europa, Phobos, Pluto and Sedna
Alloy Plate - Venus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos and Pluto
Polymer Bundle - Mercury, Venus and Uranus
Control Module - Neptune, Europa and the Void - Note for new players below.
Salvage - Mars, Jupiter and Sedna
Plastids - Phobos, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Eris

Control Modules

As a new player, you may not have access to the planets these come from. You can buy them off the Market for Platinum (Premium Currency) but this is not advised unless you are happy to spend it. Once you unlock Mars, you will gain access to Maroo’s Bazaar. This is the Relay hovering on the right side of Mars. You will encounter an NPC called Maroo. She will offer you a quest to go searching for Ayatan Sculptures, doing this quest will send you to the Void at a relatively low level. Here you will find Control Modules. You can run this mission as many times are you would like to. The quest itself, is a weekly. You will only receive the Ayatan Sculpture once per week (resetting on Monday) even though it is still there every time you run the mission.

Goodluck with the farming and enjoy Rhino.

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