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Loki - Redeemer Destroyer

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Build rating - 4 stars

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3 Ratings
5 stars
Spaceman spiff gave this build 5 stars June 2019

This is a fantastic, powerful, unconventional build. I'd like to add a couple things to it that can significantly improve it..

Your sentinel isn't going to attack while you're invisible, even if you're actively attacking. As such, its weapon is just a stat stick. A better option for fueling condition overload is something like the Tigris Prime or Exergis modded for full status (rad/viral preferrably). This will also help you deal with sentients. As far as your companion weapon goes, put gladiator set mods on your deconstructor. The set bonus will apply to your Redeemer, even if the sentinel dies. You can also equip the deconstructor and then equip your adarza kavat and the deconstructor will still be "equipped", just hidden from view. This way, you can have both adarza buffs AND gladiator set buffs. Combine this with Naramon to maximize the bonus. Next, Hushed Invisibility silences the Redeemer, making it no longer alert enemies and preserving your stealth bonus when solo. It's worth considering. Finally, since you're running gas status, your damage scales with enemy density. Consider running Magus Lockdown and Magus Anomaly to group up enemies while putting them to sleep.

3 stars
Wingsday gave this build 3 stars January 2019

Why fever strike over condition overload on the redeemer? Also, Does empowered blades effect the normal shots from the bullet dance stance? that would be the first i've heard of this

3 stars
Bigeviljak gave this build 3 stars January 2019

This is a bit unorthodox, but very fun and incredibly effective.