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Status: Draft

Build type: Warframe

Rating: 0/5

Designed for: Defection, Infested Salvage, Sanctuary Onslaught, Exterminate, PoE Bounties, Fortuna Bounties, Mastery

Defection\sInfested Salvage\sSanctuary Onslaught\sExterminate\sPoE Bounties\sFortuna Bounties\sMastery

Effective against: Corpus, Infested

Corpus, Infested

Level: Low, Medium

Low, Medium


The simpliest lazy way to kill the enemies that is vulnerable to toxin damage. This Nidus build will focus on his only ability that does work with the augment for the build, which is

Larva.png Larva

Spawn an Infested pod that erupts with tendrils, latches onto nearby enemies and pulls them in.
Cost: 25
Warframe: Nidus

Build requirements

Description of build requirements goes here etc number of formas for the Vanilla version and the Prime version that are being used. Remove this if there are no Build requirements.



Epitome of the endlessly evolving Infestation, Nidus bends the vile corruption to his will, mutates his genetic potency to adapt and assimilates his victims with an insatiable parasitic hunger.
Armor: 450
Health: 450
Energy: 150
Shield: 0



Explain how/where to use the build.


Explain other variations that can go along with the build. (etc different weapons, different mods).


What builds/factions counter this build, What are the builds Weaknesses?

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