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Saryn Spore Nuker

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Build rating - 4 stars

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5 Ratings
4 stars
Torint man gave this build 4 stars January 2019

A bit too much of a glass cannon for me, and questionable energy economy. In the context of a team with an EV this would be fantastic, but you never imply that anywhere. Corrosive projection shouldn't be the aura for an obvious reason. The arcanes seem to be the placeholder ones, and you never mention arcanes. Other than that, this build is fine.

2 stars
Wingsday gave this build 2 stars January 2019

corrosive projection is a very low priority mod on saryn, this build is missing saryn's most important defensive mode and any mention of an alternative, finally, fury is a pretty mediocre arcane, there are many better alternatives, especially for a build that makes no mention of melee weapons

5 stars
Bigeviljak gave this build 5 stars January 2019

This is build can handle anything, i'd bet.

4 stars
Turmornargul gave this build 4 stars December 2018

Definitely a build that is designed to do a specific thing really well; not my style, i prefer the jack of all trades to the master of none, but I have to say i do appreciate the brute simplicity of this build. with proper support from team mates, this build would abuse spores in just the right way, bleeding out hundreds of enemies with ease.

5 stars
Gessie gave this build 5 stars November 2018

My main build for most missions nowadays, obvious 5-stars in my opinion.