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Wisps have set spawn points as indicated on the image above. Each time you load into an instance of PoE, a certain amount of Wisps will spawn at a few of these locations.
Wisps have set spawn points as indicated on the image above. Each time you load into an instance of PoE, a certain amount of Wisps will spawn at a few of these locations.

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Cetus Wisps are an important resource, that are not conventionally farmed. They are a crafting material for multiple items, namely Gara’s Chassis, Revenant’s Systems and a lot of the modular items for the Zaws and Amps. They are also a requirement for Gilding Zaws.

Cetus wisp.png

Cetus Wisps are found in the Plains of Eidolon, along the sides of water sources. Most commonly Gara Lake (The largest Lake). They can also be obtained from Quill Onkko at the Architect rank for 2,000 of The Quills standings per Wisp.

Preparations for Farming

Cetus Wisp Farming is relatively simple to do, but a little more complicated to do efficiently.

The warframe you use in the Plains of Eidolon is not that important. Volt’s Speed (2) still affects your Archwing after being activated, so he is technically better to use, but not a necessity. If you do take Volt, focus on Strength, Duration and Efficiency for a faster and longer speed boost at a minimal energy cost

Mod Recommendations to fit into your Volt build
Intensify (Standard or Umbral) - Strength
Power Drift (Exilus Slot) - Strength
Augur Secrets - Strength
Blind Rage - High Strength at the cost of Efficiency
Continuity (Standard or Primed) - Duration
Augur Message - Duration
Constitution - Duration
Narrow Minded - High Duration at the cost of Range (not required for farming)
Streamline - Efficiency
Fleeting Expertise - High Efficiency at the cost of Duration

If you are looking to maximize your Wisp collection per minute, you want to have the Itzal Archwing. It has three very useful abilities for collecting Cetus Wisps without leaving the Archwing.

Blink (1) will teleport you forward a distance. This is a very useful ability to move along the route faster
Penumbra (2) will stop the Archwing immediately and make you invisible for as long as you stay stationary and have energy to channel it. This is a very important ability to help you stop rapidly when you are in position to loot a Wisp.
Cosmic Crush (3) will pull any resources or loot towards yourself, including the Cetus Wisps. This allows you to loot the Wisps without leaving your Archwing.

If you are looking to farm more casually, you can use any Archwing or K-Drive to move around, or even bullet jumping.

What to Equip

To help you spot the Wisps on the minimap, equip the aura mod, Loot Detector and the exilus mod, Thief’s Wit. There is also a companion mod called Animal Instincts and a Primed version, only one of these may be equipped. These mods give your warframe loot radar which increases the range at which loot will appear on your minimap.

When to Farm Cetus Wisps

Night is the best time to farm Wisps, there is generally 6 to 8 spawned at night whereas there are only 3 to 4 spawned during the day. They are also a bit easier to spot at night. The Plains of Eidolon day cycle lasts for 1 hour and 40 minutes, whereas the night cycle only lasts 40 minutes. If you are not able to wait for the night cycle, just run it during the day.

Cetus Wisp Farming Route

Since Cetus Wisps can spawn around most of the water sources, it's more efficient to scout the bigger sources, collect what you can and restart.

Below is an image of most of the Cetus Wisp spawns as well as a route to follow.

Cetus wisp Optimal route.png

(Click the image to see a full-sized version)

Thanks to LetEpsilonBeLessThanZero for uploading this Cetus Wisp Farming Route map to the Warframe Wiki.

When you are flying around these water sources, you are looking for a small white box with a downward arrow (indicating that its below your current horizontal plane) this is what most loot looks like on the minimap but they will also be right on the water’s edge. Not many of the water sources have loot right on the water’s edge. If you are using the Itzal to collect the Wisps, you will have to be roughly 15 meters above it to collect it with the Itzal’s 3 ability (Cosmic Crush). Spotting the Wisps should be easier as you can still spot them on the minimap from very high up.

Below is an image depicting how the Cetus Wisp and normal loot appears on the minimap.

Wisp loot.png

(Click the image to see a full-sized version)

Boosting your collection

Each Cetus Wisp collected, is 1 Wisp. If you have the Double Resource Drop Boost running, the amount collected will be 2. If you have a Smeeta Kavat with the Charm mod installed, you have a chance to get the Double Loot buff, this will further double your loot for about 2 minutes. There is a slight chance for this buff to proc multiple times allowing for more loot, but this does not happen often. The Smeeta Kavat Charm is not worth holding out for, because once you get close enough to a Cetus Wisp, after 5 seconds, it will start to hover upwards and disappear. If you are on an Archwing, your companion is dismissed. This makes the Charm buff even less reliable.

Things to Note

Cetus Wisps only spawn when you load into an instance of the PoE. Once you have scouted all the water sources and collected any Wisps you come across, head back to the Cetus Gates and end the mission. Once you have the loot, turn around and head back into PoE and start over.

Wisps have set spawn points as indicated on the image above. Each time you load into an instance of PoE, a certain amount of Wisps will spawn at a few of these locations.

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