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Nova Builds Guide

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The instrument to an entire endless systems or the city of available mission type in Warframe. Nova is one of the key Warframe to be used for crucial missions such as endless or a cheap way to do normal weapon without much energy from you is needed to be wasted.

Combat Review


  1. Her abilities are extremely useful in many missions. Moreover, she can walkthrough the entire star-chart with ease.
  2. Her abilities can be a crowd control and AoE combination.

MolecularPrime.png Molecular Prime

Molecular Prime
Primes all enemies in a radius with anti-matter.
Cost: 100
Warframe: Nova

does reduce enemies resistances. You will be able to kill the enemies much easier if they are affected by this ability.

  1. Nova's

NullStar.png Null Star

Null Star
Creates anti-matter particles that orbit Nova and seek nearby targets.
Cost: 25
Warframe: Nova

does give her damage reduction. Make sure this ability are always on so you will earn this advantage.


  1. She's extremely squishy if her Null Star is not activated.
  2. Her ability is long to cast and do have travel time.
  3. Sometimes her

AntimatterDrop.png Antimatter Drop

Antimatter Drop
Launches a contained particle of antimatter that will detonate upon collision.
Cost: 50
Warframe: Nova

won't affect some enemies even when they are in the explosion range.

  1. Her

WormHole.png Worm Hole

Worm Hole
Creates a wormhole allowing instantaneous travel.
Cost: 75
Warframe: Nova

does teleport you off the map, so be careful when using this ability.

  1. Her damage reduction from Null Star works based on how much particles fly around Nova with 145% Power Strength. With that said, the weakness from this is from the uncontrollable targetting system from the ability, it will just seeking random enemies. Because of it, the less particle being randomly wasted, the less damage reduction Nova will get.

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