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<metadesc>Are you looking for Warframe guides? Tennobattle has a variety of guides including Warframe beginner guide, Poe guide, Fortuna guide, Duviri guide, Farming guide and Star chart guide.</metadesc>
<div class="buildcard-h" id="generalTitle">General Guides</div>
<div class="buildcard-h" id="generalTitle">General Guides</div>
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General Guides
Beginner Guide
This warframe beginner guide will give you all the information you need to go into the main content and complete the star chart
Star Chart Guides
How to Defeat Venus Junction Specter
Are you having trouble defeating the Rhino Specter at the Venus junction? This guide will show you a simple strategy to beat the Venus Specter.
How to Defeat the Valkyr Specter
Are you having trouble defeating the Valkyr Specter at the Jupiter junction? This build guide will teach you the strategy and provide you with complete loadout beginner build options for Volt, Excalibur and Mag to beat the Valkyr Specter.
Farming Guides
Cetus Wisp Farming
This guide will give you a quick rundown of how to farm Cetus Wisps in the Plains of Eidolon.
How to Farm Rhino
This guide will cover how to farm Rhino as well as the materials to craft him and his parts. It will also cover how a new player can get to farming and building Rhino as soon as possible to use throughout the Star Chart
Duviri Guides
Fortuna Guides
PoE Guides