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Status: Meta

Build type: Loadout

Rating: 0/5

Designed for: Disruption


Effective against: Infested


Level: Medium, High

Medium, High


This page here will help you on how to pass the Disruption mode that is available across the star chart in Warframe.

Mission Details


  1. There're 7 Disruption missions around the star chart, in which there're 3 special missions that has enemies dropping other loots outside from mission: Dark Sector Disruption on Uranus, Lua Disruption and Kuva Disruption.


1. Using a tanky Warframe for this mission.

2. Bringing Crowd Control accessories to stop the Demolish: Max Rank Zenurik's Temporal Blast, Max Rank

MagusLockdown.png Magus Lockdown

Magus Lockdown
Drop a Tether Mine at destination that tethers up to 8 enemies within 12m. The tether mine explodes dealing 60% of their Health as Puncture Damage after 4s.
Criteria: On Void Dash

, Max Rank

"Exodia Epidemic" is not in the list (ArcaneAcceleration, ArcaneAgility, ArcaneArachne, ArcaneAvenger, ArcaneAwakening, ArcaneBarrier, ArcaneConsequence, ArcaneDeflection, ArcaneEnergize, ArcaneEruption, ...) of allowed values for the "Is using arcane enhancement" property.

ExodiaEpidemic.png Exodia Epidemic

Exodia Epidemic
Slam emits a shockwave forwards that suspends enemies in the air for 4 seconds
Criteria: After a Bullet Jump or Double Jump


3. A strong melee weapon /w Condition Overload, go with it is a secondary weapon that can proc IPS ( Impact, Puncture, Slash ) and it's own elemental damage.

4. A Smeeta Kavat for very good buff effects.

5. A team would be faster for this mission.

6. During the run, no conduit must be destroyed in order to sustain the drop table.

Buffs and Debuffs

All Planets

Buffs :

1. Affinity Boost: Increase Affinity gain by 50%, does stack with Affinity Booster.

2. Resources Boost: Increase resources gain by 50%, does stack with Resources Booster.

3. Credits Boost: Increase credits gain by 50%, does stack with Credits Booster.

4. Tenno Weapon Lifesteals: Damaging enemies with your weapon will increase your HP.

5. Conduit Resupply: All available conduits will resupply with Ammos, Health and Energy pickups.

6. Firerate Boost: All available Tenno gain Fire-rate boost.

7. Speed Boost: All available Tenno increased speed.

Debuffs :

1. Enemy Speed Enhancement: Enemy speed is increased.

2. Enemy Damage Enhancement: Enemy damage is increased by 150%.

3. Enemy Armor Enhancement: Enemy armor is increased.

4. Enemy Shield Enhancement: Enemy shield is increased.

5. Enemy Specific Elemental Enhancement: Enemy's specific elemental damage is added to their weapon.

6. Enemy Ability Resistance: Enemy will not be affected by the Tenno's abilities.

7. Enemy Damage Resistance: Enemies get lower damage from the Tenno.

8. Stronger Amalgam - Demolyst: Enemies that are carried the Conduit bomb will have higher health than normal.

9. Eximus Wave: In that wave will spawn more Eximus than normal.

10. Electrified Conduit: Conduits will turn into an Arc Trap.

11. System Overload: Enable all traps within the map.

12. Energy Drain Mode: Tenno's Energy will drain with a rate of 0.1s.

13. Shield Drain Mode: Same with Debuff's 12. Energy Drain Mode but it is for Tenno's shield with a rate of 0.19s.

14. Health Drain mode: Same with Debuff's 13-14. This is for Tenno's Health with a rate of 0.3s.

15. Minefield: Spawn traps and mines throughout the map.

Certain Mission

Sedna / Kuva


1. Pack Hunters: Hyekka Masters, Drahk Masters and Manics spawns constantly.

2. Security Alerts: Activates all turrets throughout the map.



1. Brood Surge: Infested Spawn Pods spawns constantly throughout the map.



1. Moonquakes: Activate lasers and low gravity environment.

2. Sentient Influx: Oculyst will spawn constantly, if being provoked or scanned a Tenno, other Sentient will spawn to assist the Oculyst.

3. Magnetic Anomalies: Magnetic's Clouds / Bubbles will spawn throughout the map.

4. Nullifying Conduits: Conduits will project nullifying field around it.



1. Ghoul Eruption: Ghoul enemies will spawn constantly throughout the map.



1. Robotic Onslaught: Robotic enemies will spawn more often.

2. Nullifying Conduits: Conduits will project nullifying field around it.